* crisis blogs

occupied london – from the greek streets

when the crisis hit the fan – daily sneaks into the greek crisis

the city at a time of crisis – resarch project

* films

the wake up call a short documentary by kostas kallergis about 4 greek street artists and their take on the crisis.

athens: social meltdown is a very insightful mini-documentary about the consequences of the crisis by Ross Domoney in cooperation with researcher Dimitris Dalakoglou.

MUTE the visualization of an economic rape an experimental film aiming to capture the crisis without words by yjannis biliris

message from greece a german documentary about the lives of 4 young greeks under the influence of the crisis.

* artists

[absent] produces fairly complex handprinted posters critical of politicians and the current situation.

[ath1281] means a simple, caricature style and big messages.

[b.] work with lots of yellow and black paint to create his signature comic-style figures.

[blaqk] is a collaboration between graphic designers simek & greg papagrigoriou and stands for a beautiful mix of urban calligraphy and geometric patterns.

[bleeps] is the probably most prolific crisis artist, his thoughts are also captured in “the wake up call” .

[blemobil] usually created comic style interpretations of ancient greek iconography.

[borondo] is mainly based in madrid but recently paid athens a visit and left behind some beautiful artworks.

[cacaorocks] means lots of colors – especially a significant pink – and a very special style.

[D!] has been out on the streets of athens for a considerable time and explores the possibilities of the letter D! very literally.

[dreyk the pirate] is also a bit of a graffiti pioneer but has now become specialized in sailors and pirates

[exit] paints faceless figures that lure in the streets of athens

[foxface] an athens inspired bead street art project

[galldindie] is an architecture and art student from barcelona that has been using her erasmus stay adorning the streets of athens with some beautiful artwork.

[lotek] is one of the many important political stencilists in athens.

[mapet] is a dentist that has used his drills to cut over 200 political stencils in the past 6 years, he can also be seen in “the wake up call”.

[dimitris ndokos] mainly paints huge bugs.

[oré] is a french street artist that has a long-lasting connection with greece and is very present in the streets of athens.

[political zoo] is an – unfortunately retired – stencil collective.

[refur] is a graphic design student that paints, creates stickers and also edits a great zine about the city.

[scar one] works with a broad range of styles but in really fell for his political paste-ups.

[sonke] is an athens native who has covered the whole city in his signature melancholic princesses with swirly hair.

[sox] creates pretty absurd paste-ups

[STMTS] is an art student who creates large scale paintings of kids and pastes them into the city scenery

[dimitris taxis] makes artworks that are both artistically and politically complex

[tona] is usually based in hamburg but has been all over the world. he spent a month in greece quite recently and left lots of works in the streets of athens.

[alexandros vasmoulakis] has been doing graffiti since he was a young boy. he is still very present on huge athens murals but also active in the art world.

[WD] is originally from bali but has been living and working in athens for many years now. he works the whole stylistic range from graffiti to paste-ups and stencils and has a crazy output.

[yiakou] paints unique and beautiful dreamy women.

* #wheninathens

stigma lab is an exarcheia street art gallery and an essential hub if you want to get close to the athens street art scene. don’t miss the exhibition openings at every first of the month.

sarri12 in psirri is another important street art gallery space.

ATA [alternative tours of athens] offers a great street art tour (by an actual insider) through kerameikos and gazi if you care for some guidance and company while exploring.