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an eventful september

even before the disastrous night of 17 september the month had seen some meaningful events. first, the squatted athenian theatre project εμπρος was evicted and with it a space of autonomous and often transnational creative interventions. furthermore the teachers of greece took to the streets to protest extensive layoff plans. and then that tuesday night the unthinkable happened: the well-known [...]

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interview with süddeutsche zeitung/jetzt.de

unexpectedly the promotion of my exhibition this week led to a bit of media attention. i got to talk about my project and the exhibition to jetzt.de/süddeutsche zeitung, find the interview (in german) here. here's what the printed version in the papers looks like, the two artists in the pictures are dimitris taxis and WD.

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interview with D!

D!, Three D!'s III, Enamel paint on fibreboard, Athens, Koukaki District, 2011. Photo: ANDREASANDTHECAMERA with a history going back about 15 years, D! is a true veteran of the athens graffiti and street art scene. over the years he has arrived at a distinct aesthetic and typographic vision that stands out quite clearly [...]

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“the invisible architectures of exarcheia” – a street art project by galldindie

galldindie at work i owe my acquaintance with marina - or rather her spraycan-wielding alter ego galldindie - to the lucky coincidence of running into her while she was painting her carnival de la vida trio on a wall not far from my house. it only took a few minutes of chatting to realize [...]

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interview with wild drawing

"welcome to athens" iconic artwork in exarcheia wild drawing - or WD - is easily one of the most versatile and active street artists in athens. his usually politicized works range from smaller stencils to pasting projects and huge freehand murals. originally from bali he has been painting in the streets of athens [...]

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interview with bleeps

bleeps - perhaps the most prolific political street artist in athens - has been continuosly creating complex artwork among other topics dealing with the crisis and the socio-political situation in greece. his work has been prominently featured in media reports on the crisis but is also frequently subjected to vandalism. find his manifesto and more information [...]

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interview with STMTS

art student STMTS's large scale portraits of children can be found on the walls of athens since the beginning of 2012. his blog can be found at www.stmtsart.com. he talked to me about his creative process and his concern for the future generations. "i love life" paste-up by STMTS in gkazi have you always [...]

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of penguins and tear gas – the street art and graffiti of #occupygezi

if you have been following the images that have been flooding the internet from the streets of turkey in the past days, you may have noticed that the movement of #occupygezi (also #direngezi, #resistanbul or #occupyturkey) has been quick to establish a very distinct visual identity - perhaps even more so since the turkish media [...]

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