One of the primary objectives of the Aesthetics of Crisis research project is to be as open and dialogic as possible. Besides making my data accessible online via this website I also wanted to create a physical space for discussion and exchange. I eventually chose to put together a small exhibition of some of the photographs that I took in Athens, juxtaposing them with quotations from interviews I conducted with street artists. In this manner I was hoping to transport the contingent and complex stories told by the walls of Athens to Berlin and have them inspire perspectives on the crisis that diverge from those disseminated by mainstream media and politics.

Exhibition flyer featuring an artwork by Dimitris Taxis.

The research exhibition took place from 25 July to 1 August 2013 at the non-profit Friedrichshain gallery Raum für drastische Maßnahmen. It included 168 photos of the works of more than 30 different artists as well as 16 quotes from nine artists (bleeps, cacao rocks, D!, gall d’indie, oré, refur, STMTS, sonke) as well as one author (Laurie Penny). The photographs and quotes were loosely arranged in and around thematic clusters—including everyday life in crisis, the romance of protest and many others. To make clear how intrinsically interwoven those aspects are I connected them with red lines of tape.

a peak at the gallery

A peak at the gallery

Throughout the opening night and during the following week approximately 100 people came by to see the exhibition, many of them sharing interesting comments and feedback. I met new and old Greek-Berliners, crisis researchers, street art enthusiasts and makers, as well as economists and actors, who provided invaluable input for which I owe them all my thanks. Another installment of the exhibition is not planned for the near future, yet if you are a space or organization interested in exhibiting some of the photographs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Besides: all the photos from the exhibition and a few hundred more can be accessed and downloaded for non-commercial use from Flickr.

intro speech a the vernissage / photo: ana baumgart

Intro speech a the exhibition opening / Photo: Ana Baumgart.

visitor at the vernissage / photo: ana baumgart

A Visitor at the vernissage / Photo: Ana Baumgart.

Interview with, the “young section” of Süddeutsche Zeitung about the research project and exhibition.